Hello and Willkommen!  My name is Victoria Chardon and if you’re reading this, I’ve either forced you to read my blog, someone shared a post, or you unsuspectingly clicked on a Google link without realising I paid for it.  Either way, you’re most welcome.

So what is this all about then?  Well, I started this blog to share my experiences of living abroad as a Brit.  I intended to be helpful in the beginning but I get too carried away with hyperbole and satire to be useful.  So if you’ve come hoping I’ll be able to tell you how to register in Germany and where to take a driving test, you’re in the wrong place.  The most practical advice I can offer is how to source Marmite and PG Tips.  What I can offer you is entertainment.  And we all need entertainment, right?

My husband and I moved to Hamburg in 2016.  If you’re also an expat living abroad, then you know that it can be disorientating to leave behind not only your friends and family, but also all the cultural customs that you’re used to.  And in times of uncertainty (cough Brexit cough) it’s always better to approach things with a sense of humour!

A little more about me: I’m originally from Southampton – yes, the place where the Titanic set sail from (we can also boast Matt le Tissier, Craig David and Jane Austen in our claim to fame.)   I spent eight years living in London and working for two giants of the Technology world, Microsoft and Google, and I’m still working for Google in Germany.  When I’m not busy being a Googler, I love travelling and being outdoors – walking, camping, kayaking; anything that gets me out in nature, and often I have my Nikon camera with me.  You can follow my Instagram feed at @victoria.chardon and I’m also on Twitter as @ExpatVictoria

So without further ado, click on ‘Home’ and prepare to be entertained!

N.B All views expressed in this blog are my own, are usually exaggerated, and are not affiliated with my company or anybody else.

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