The English and the Germans

Hello blog fans!  Apologies for the late post but summer (or should that be ‘summer’ – anyone seen the sun lately?) is proving to be a dizzying and rain-splashed whirlwind of visitors, travel and hard work, so I haven’t had an opportunity to tame my creative beast in the past few weeks.  Until I write a REAL blog post, I wanted to share something with you; something to make you smile (maybe), brighten up your day (hopefully), and fundamentally give you a solid dose of ‘Very British Humour’ (which means that the following content is tongue-in-cheek, sarcastic, and meant in jest – but if you’re a regular reader you’re used to this by now, right?)

A lot of you won’t know that as well as writing crushingly witty observations about the world I inhabit, I dabble in poetry.  I was just clearing through some old files and I stumbled across this little rhyme that I wrote some time ago for my German husband.  This blog seemed a good place to share it.  I hope you enjoy!

The English and the Germans
Are quite similar, it transpires:
Both failed quite spectacularly
At maintaining their empires.

The Krauts are quite an odd bunch
With their funny leather shorts
Drinking huge Maßkrugs of beer
And obsessing over sports.

They just love to be so organised
And they possess bucket loads of drive
Not that any of that helped them
Back in 1945….

They gave us Wagner, Bach and Kafka
Who aren’t too bad, I guess
And it does have to be noted
That German Autos are ze best.

And then, we have the English,
With their stiff upper lips
And their tea with milk in china cups
That one must so delicately sip.

For all that Shakespeare forced on us
We have the Pommies here to blame
And how did they let Jeremy Kyle
Reach the dizzy heights of fame?

However, let us not forget
They gave us the Beatles and the ‘Stones
As well as the ingenious idea
Of putting jam and cream on scones.

The English and the Germans
Why has nobody said before?
They make such strange and well-matched friends
Just don’t mention the war!



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